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EXTRA LARGE Wooden Crystal Grid Board | Sacred Geometry Tool | FLOWER OF LIFE

EXTRA LARGE Wooden Crystal Grid Board | Sacred Geometry Tool | FLOWER OF LIFE

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Our Extra Large Wooden Crystal Grid, is a harmonious fusion of spiritual energy and aesthetic appeal.  This flower of life grid serves dual purposes as both a powerful tool for crystal arrangement and a gorgeous wall decoration.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Functionality: This large wooden grid adapts seamlessly to your preferences – use it as a canvas for arranging crystals to amplify intentions, or hang it as a unique and eye-catching wall decoration to infuse your space with positive energy.

  2. Sacred Geometry Design: Engraved with sacred geometry patterns, our wooden grid enhances the metaphysical properties of crystals and adds a touch of spiritual aesthetic elegance to your home or sacred space.

  3. Ample Space for Crystals: The spacious layout accommodates a variety of crystals, allowing you to create personalized energy patterns and arrangements. Experiment with different combinations to manifest your intentions.

  4. Unique Home Decor Piece: Whether adorning your wall or serving as a centerpiece for crystal work, this Large Wooden Crystal Grid is a unique and thoughtful addition to your home. It effortlessly transforms any space into a sanctuary of positive energy.

Embrace the duality of purpose with our Large Wooden Crystal Grid – a captivating blend of spiritual resonance and visual charm. Elevate your sacred space with the power of crystals or enhance your wall with this versatile and striking piece of functional art.

PLEASE NOTE crystals are not included

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